About our Generac Products

Our commitment to you our customer is to bring value and knowledge when it comes to providing you premier quality services.

Here at Robinson Solar Solutions, we have your home or business backup generator solutions alternatives in the highest regards to assist in making a solid personal and business decision when purchasing and addressing your backup needs.

It is a backup electrical system that’s designed to run and operate your home power whether you are home or away. It automatically delivers power to the electrical circuit breaker in your home in just a few seconds of a power outage.

Allow one of our consultants to come into your home to provide you with a quote that meets your needs. Once utility power is restored, the generator will automatically shut off to patiently wait for the next power outage.

The generator is typically positioned outside the exterior of your home, just like your existing air conditioning unit.

Check out our videos! Learn more about Generac Standby Generator technology.