For Investors & Sellers

  • Greatly reduce your energy bills, improve energy efficiency (increasing your profit margin), increase marketability and offer a guaranteed constant return on investment for 25+ years.
  • Solar energy raises the net income of any commercial property.
  • Offer clients lower utility bills (free electricity! - increasing the value of the property.
  • Solar is a capital investment and can be depreciated in 5 years, per the U.S. Treasury.
  • Through Federal Tax Credits, you will recover a minimum of 30% and a maximum of 100% of the total cost of the commercial solar system and installation within 5 years!
  • With a 5-year ROI, your fixed costs for energy will be virtually $0, leaving you with a higher profit margin in the sixth year, raising the net value of your commercial property substantially.
  • Stabilize and reduce costs, increasing the net value of your property. This improves marketability attracting more potential tenants, buyers and investors.

For Property Management

  • Commercial solar systems built in 2015 can completely recover investment costs in 3-8 years through tax incentives, available rebates and utility cost savings.
  • Solar significantly decreases operating costs by creating free energy for 25-35 years.
  • Solar provides price stability in future recessions. Solar energy costs WILL NOT fluctuate because there are no fuel or operational costs involved.
  • Solar will give you a competitive advantage in managing solar properties as solar becomes more commonplace.
  • Going solar with a local commercial solar company improves public relations and shows dedication to your local economy and community.
  • Installing solar panels on commercial buildings is a creative solution to long-term increasing costs that you and your investors will incur.
  • Solar provides long term stability and cost savings, and is a win-win-win for property owners, property managers and tenants.


Every solar power project starts with a quick conversation to see if solar is right for you. We’ll discuss your energy use and take a look at your roof using satellite imaging.

If everything looks good, we’ll prepare a free customized quote. It includes all of your options and projects your energy savings for the next 20 years.