Our Approach

Our Approach

We create innovative custom solar energy solutions for residents and businesses.

It is important for us and the public that we educate about an alternative energy source that saves the environment and money.

We believe in teamwork and collaboration to actively achieve our customers’ needs.

We want to make your choice to go solar very easy.

Our Story

Our Story

We are living in a post fossil fuel energy world. Demand is growing among forward thinking individuals and organizations for sustainable solutions to produce energy from alternative sources for our daily consumption.

In recent years solar technologies, our primary renewable energy product line, have become more accessible through increasing capacities to connect local sources to power grids. These technologies have also become more reliable through their capacity to transport energy over great distances. Our company strives to bring these new innovations to your doorstep as we work diligently to do our part to help everyone we serve become good stewards of the environment.

The Robinson Solar Solutions Team

Experience and Credentials

To serve our customers at the highest possible levels, our subject-matter-experts include IT security, subcontracting, financial, legal and accounting professionals from the industry.

Ryan K. Robinson, CEO

Ryan is the Chief Executive Officer and the brain child of Robinson Solar. A quick study, he transformed his keen knowledge of science and mathematics to enable his understanding of the need for alternative sources of power to reduce the threat of destruction of the planet primarily due to the burning of fossil fuels. As a 7th grade mathematics instructor in the Memphis City Schools, he taught students the Pythagoras Theory and π = 3.14, basic principles germane to t he dynamics of climate change and the construction of solar panels. Ryan instinctively recognizes the value of innovativeness, and prior to this venture into solar energy, He was employed largely in the pharmaceutical industry. He coordinated speaker programs at Sanofi, and at GE Health Care, he was an Account Manager. At Gilead Sciences, he was a Therapeutic Specialist and the representative of the cardiovascular product, Ranexa used for the management of chronic angina. Early in his career he was a sales representative for AstraZeneca and Abbott Laboratories.

He is an author of copyrighted materials for fitness commercial and logo designs and the author of a book on the relationships between the drug industry, chronic disease management, and the high cost of health care. In conjunction with a myriad of stellar career accomplishments, Ryan decided to join his father, and together they founded Robinson Solar. Ryan earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology from Southern University in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and Master of Science Degree in Biology from the University of Memphis, College of Microbiology and Molecular Cell Sciences, in Memphis, Tennessee.

Othello Robinson, CFO

Othello is the company's Chief Financial Officer. He is a practicing accountant, and he has the acumen and the experience to manage the business's financial affairs and to perform the requisite accounting procedures. Othello's career is reflective of a myriad of occupations and work experiences in four primary areas: Accounting, Farming, Business Development, and Civic Responsibilities. These disciplines best sum up his exemplary capacity to pursue solar installation for residential and commercial customers and solar farming as a business opportunity.

At an early age he learned the concepts of conservation and sustainability on the family farm, where he acquired the skills of planting and harvesting the crops. It was on the farm where the seeds of accounting principles and business development were first planted. He learned how to determine the number of seeds required for the acreage farmed, how to project and collect revenue from crop yields, and how to annualize that revenue to insure access to working capital and family living expenses during the off-harvest seasons.

Forty years of hard work, dedication, and responsible citizenry characterize him as one whose venture into clean energy is sure bringing him in even more success to his already heralded career. He is a founding partner of Brown and Robinson, a premier accounting firm in Memphis, Tennessee, and he has been the Finance Manager for the City of Memphis, Tennessee Public Library, and the Chief Financial Officer for Memphis Health Center. Othello earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in Accounting from Tennessee State University in Nashville, Tennessee.

Kenneth D. Robinson, Sr., COO

Kenneth Robinson is president and CEO of Ginesco Company, LLC and COO of Robinson Solar Solutions, LLC. Kenneth graduated from Mississippi State University Where, he received his B.S. degree in Electrical Engineering and minored in Information Systems.

After graduation, Kenneth launched his career with WesTec Consulting services and worked on a project for the U.S. Naval division in San Diego CA, where he specialized in data collection efforts, system integration and solution implementation for the public works department of the Navy. That career eventually led to a career with Electronic Data Systems (EDS), working on a General Motors System data acquisitions project in support of re-engineering product quality. After a long career with EDS, he furthered his career in consulting and started his own consultant company, Ginesco Company, LLC and moved to Memphis TN., where he worked with such clients as Smith & Nephew Orthopedics, Federal Express Operations, Tupperware, Disney and finally the City of Holly Springs Municipal government as Director of Information Technologies.